Saturday, March 5, 2011

What are missionaries doing online?

For those who know about the rules that Mormon missionaries are asked to live, it may seem out of the ordinary to run into us online.  Normally we are asked to limit our internet use to e-mailing our family on one day of the week.  However, the church is recognizing that media is changing.  So, in an effort to reach out to more people, the church has decided to allow several missions around the US to use Facebook and blogging.

For a background to the church's stance on new media and how members of the church can get involved in using it, check out Introduction to Sharing the Gospel Online.

Also here are two posts from a member's blog that are of particular interest.  One is about the New York Rochester Mission, where I am serving as a full-time missionary, and the other is a list of all online missionaries as of January 2011.
Rochester Mission Online
Master List: Online Missionaries