Friday, September 2, 2011

The Gospel Blesses Families

God has given us families in this life.  The Gospel can help us be happy in our families.  We can learn of Christ and live the way He lived.

The gospel will bring families closer together.  It will help them have good times together and enjoy each other's company.  Children will get along and will respect their parents and each other.  The parents will show love and respect for their children.  Together the whole family can learn and grow.  They will have opportunities to help each other overcome weaknesses.  They will be able to make it through hard times together and find strength that they otherwise might not know.

I know all this because I have seen it in my own family.  My parents taught us the gospel in our home.  They were an example to us in living it.  I learned patience, love and respect from watching my parents and listening to their counsel.  Granted I'm still not as patient, loving, or kind as I always want to be, but I know these Christlike attributes because I first learned them in my family.

How did my parents know what to teach us?  How did they know the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  They knew in the same ways that faithful followers of Christ have always known: through the words of the Prophets, both past and present.