Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pre-earth Life: God's Purpose and Plan for Us

Have you ever wondered if there is more beyond this life; if there is some reason for being here and somewhere to go afterwards?  There are answers to these questions.  They are found in God's plan.

This plan, called the plan of happiness, teaches us that we lived with our Heavenly Father before this life, that we have a purpose for being here, and that we can return to live with our Father again after this life is through.

Each of us are children of an eternal, loving, Heavenly Father.  He loves us and wants us to have the happiness and joy that He has.  He gave us this earthly experience to accomplish that.

He has given us agency, the right to choose our own actions.  While on this earth we can exercise our agency to choose good or evil.  God has also given us the gift of His Son Jesus Christ.  It is only as we choose good and follow Christ that we can return to our Heavenly Father and receive a fullness of joy and happiness.