Thursday, September 6, 2012

Live the Law of Chastity

Many people often treat morality and moral actions as subjective and relative to society's current mainstream beliefs.  We know, however, that that standard is no standard at all, but rather a slippery slope that brings a lasting sense of shame and guilt to the lives of its practitioners and believers.

It is the fixed moral standards of God that remain steady and sure.  It is His standards that bring us peace and true happiness in this life.  Chastity is the Lord's standard and expectation for us.

Chastity includes abstinence from sexual relations before marriage and complete faith and fidelity to one's spouse within marriage.  Marriage is necessarily a union between a man and a woman to fulfil God's purposes in establishing families and bringing His children to earth.  Strive to protect the God-given procreative power.  As you live a chaste life you will enjoy trusting and confident relationships with family and friends.  You will develop greater self-control and personal strength.

To be chaste requires that we strive to keep not only our actions clean, but also our words, thoughts and appearance.  The way we speak and dress reflects our personal convictions and thoughts.  It reflects who we are and what we want to become.  We should dress modestly.  We should use clean, wholesome, and uplifting language.  We should direct our thoughts away from the impure and unclean and towards that which lifts the soul and helps us remember Christ.

Avoid pornography in ALL its forms, whether visual or written or otherwise.  It will as surely enslave you as any other addiction would.  It will destroy self-respect and endanger or ruin relationships with those you love.  It is NEVER safe to indulge in anything that is even slightly pornographic.  Learn to remove and replace undesired thoughts when temptation arises.  A memorized hymn or scripture can go a long ways in helping us control our thoughts.

As we strive for continuing cleanliness and purity the Lord will help us.  Through Christ's Atonement we can have the strength we need to live according to God's standards.