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This page contains several lists of links.  First, official sites.  Next, missionary blogs and profiles.  And last, member blogs and websites.

Here is a list of some of the official websites of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  There are also various official pages on YouTubefacebook and twitter.
     Jesus Christ
     The Book of Mormon
     Joseph Smith
     The Plan of Happiness
     Meet Mormons
     My Profile
     Jesus Christ
     The Holy Bible
     The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos
     The Book of Mormon
     Read the Scriptures
     The Family: A Proclamation to the World
     The Plan of Happiness
     Sharing the Gospel Online

The Joseph Smith Papers

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Mormon Channel

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has placed missionaries from several missions online.  Here are some online missionaries who are serving or have served in the New York Rochester Mission.

President Jack R. Christianson (facebook, blog)

Elder Adair (facebook, blog)
Elder Adams (facebook, blog)
Sister Anderson (facebook, blog,
Elder Anderson (facebook, blog)
Sister Barrus (facebook, blog,
Sister Brown (facebook, blog, blog 2,
Elder Bryson (facebook, blog)
Elder Caldwell (facebook, blog)
Elder Campbell (facebook, blog)
Sister Carver (facebook)
Sister Chatterton (facebook, blog)
Elder Cook (facebook, blog)
Elder Cox (facebook)
Elder Davis (facebook, blog)
Elder Decker (facebook, blog)
Elder Elrey (facebook)
Elder Fitt (facebook, blog)
Elder Frost (facebook, blog)
Elder Garcia (facebook, blog)
Hermana Garcia (facebook, blog)
Elder Gudgell (facebook, blog)
Elder Halbert (facebook, blog)
Elder Hallam (blog,
Elder Hoffman (facebook, blog)
Elder Hole (facebook, blog,
Elder Hulse (facebook, blog)
Elder Larsen (facebook, blog)
Elder Larson (facebook, blog)
Sister Lee (facebook, blog)
Sister Lovell (facebook)
Elder Maisey (facebook, blog)
Sister Maughan
Sister Meaders (facebook, blog,
Sister Meister (facebook)
Elder Morrison (facebook, blog)
Elder Neville (facebook, blog,
Elder Olsen
Elder Peck
Elder Pratt (facebook, blog)
Hermana Raines (facebook, blog,
Elder Rasmussen (facebook, blog,
Sister Rivera (facebook, blog)
Sister Schank (facebook)
Elder Schow (facebook, blog,
Elder Simmons (facebook, blog,
Elder Stoker (facebook, blog,
Elder Swaner (facebook, blog)
Elder Tanner (facebook, blog,
Sister Thomas (facebook)
Sister Tirrell
Sister Weber (facebook, blog)
Elder White (facebook, blog)
Elder Wilcox (facebook, blog)
Elder Wood (facebook, blog)
Elder Worsham (facebook, blog)

More missionary blogs can be found at LDS Online Mission World.

Individual members of the church have also set up their own blogs and websites.  Here are a few of them.

Morsels of Bread
Mormon Women
A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman
In The Head of Al Fox
Come to Our Father's House
Standing Taller
A Day in my Head...
Being LDS
MDR Blog
Clare Vaterlaus (also here)